Sunday, June 28, 2009

Graduation 2009

8th grade Graduation 6/17/2009 Christina CONGRATULATIONS!
Christina won the president's award with other fellow students, was a recognized as a member of the National Honor's Society, and was her class Vice President. She was also mentioned receiving the highest Math test score along with another male student. I don't say it enough, but I am way proud of her. Get them A's next year Christina.
My baby is going to high school. Please God protect her. I am not ready. I am scared she will get lost in high school not literally of course she is smart, but it is not like going to elementary school she is leaving which is K-8. Big difference and these kids today make me feel like I am getting old fast. I know our parents said the same thing but with the technology today there is just too much junk out there. But let us move forward with high hopes like that any moving that rubber tree plant. LOL!

Mini Photo album Post

I am so behind here is photo of the gals plus my nephew. We had a nice time visiting with my mother in law. She made unexpected visit to NJ from Florida and stayed with her sister in law. From left to right staring at the top. Me, Sis in law-Kim, Mom in law-Georgia, Aunt Doris, daughter-Rachel, nephew-Vincenzo, and daughter-Christina. We had a great day and Christina made potato salad and it was YUMMY!

Me and my hubby

Me and my sis

Sis and Chico

Here is photos of a recent night on the town, well dinner anyway. LOL! We went out with my sister and her friend who was visiting from Brazil. She went to high school with him and he happened to be in the US for a visit. I remember him but it was 9 years ago, so it was nice to get to know him and find out more about Brazil and their culture and do this have this and hey I saw this show on the Discovery channel about these killer shells found in Brazil kind of questions. FUN TIMES!

Happy Father's Day

Wow thanks for letting me be a part of your Father's day gift giving. I sure made alot of dog tags for some loved men out there. Holidays are very special and it is so nice to be able personalize keepsakes for other's to give. That is why I have always loved to personalize jewelry every since I started this is whole jewelry thing years ago. You know how people like to get tatoos to signify a time in their life. Well I don't have any of those but in my mind that is what I wanted to give people a jewelry tattoo. Corny but true. Anyway with these deadlines of needing it by a certain date it does get stressful, but they all made it in time. YEAH. I did make one error but we fixed that up in a jiffy. I really get frustrated at myself when I make a mistake. I really have the routine down the way jewelry goes from an order to a sealed mailing envelope, but deadlines and lots of orders make it just a little harder. So what is next Christmas? I am getting ready early. LOL! And really I should cause everybody on my list gets last. I wanted to make my father in law some stamped cufflinks, but I never did get to it. We will see him in August I will defintely have them in my hand if not sent before. I promise!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My pretty brown and blue bird bag

I just received the prettiest bag ever sent to me from Charlotte. She is just the best ever at what she does. Her sewing talent is incredible. I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it. I still have another bag she made in my purse and it is in great condition so I am not sure what to do yet. She makes such wonderful stuff that I did not really need a new one just so wanted one.
I had picked this out recently from her STORE. It is just perfect for me. I like to put my lip liner, gloss, mints, business cards, coupons, and whatever else ends up in there. So not only is it beautiful it is very practical.
Charlotte is a friend I had met online on Ebay of all places. We got to chatting and became friends. She loves God and that is the best thing for a great frienship. She is such a wonderful encourager to me and I am so blessed with her friendship. We even met up one time for a meal in Lancaster, PA. What a neat thing to do after speaking with each other online. What a great family.
She did not let me pay for it though. What a stinker. I purchased it from her Etsy store and she refunded my money.
So if want an awesome bag check out her STORE. You will not be dissappointed.
Thank you Charlotte.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful Birthday Weekend

Sunday when the birthday girl did not want her photo taken.

This weekend we celebrated my oldest 14th birthday. Whew! I am getting old. Anyway we did not really plan much ahead as life has been busy enough. So Saturday I slept in a little late. Everyone was already up and about. So we thought let's invite my family for dinner and my mom suggested we go to the Camden River sharks game. So we went to Christina's choice Texas Roadhouse. It was us four, my mom, Ray, my sister, and we brought my two nieces. It was a great meal and they brought over a saddle and had the all the people yell YEHAW for her birthday. No pictures of the game but it was alot of fun different than pro baseball. They play music and do lots of fun games during the breaks. After the game all the kids can run the bases. My husband took the kids down, Rachel took off, Ashley was not far behind, and Maddie my 3 year old niece lost her flip flop and got knocked over by about 4 kids. She was a trooper though got right up and ran the rest of the bases. LOL! Crazy kids.

Sunday in our jeep after church and on way to the shore.

Ocean City's shore view from the boardwalk.

Dad and Rach after playing mini golf.

We headed down the shore on Sunday for a quick bite to eat. We ate at Smitty's Clam Bar on the water where you can just sit outside on stools. I had baked scallops and clam chowder and it was yummy. Christina had fried shrimp and Chris had the chowder and grilled tuna. We had a great time and they were putting up the dinner menu around 4 pm and they had such yummy choices. We will have to go back soon for dinner. (Although it will have to be right at 4pm we drove by later and it was packed with no seats and lots of people waiting.) We walked the boardwalk looking in the stores and waiting until we were not full so we could eat dessert. We left the shore earlier than usual and decided to get WaWa ice cream to take home and eat.

What a wonderful weekend. Thanks Christina for your birthday celebration.