Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An interview with me.

Wow. How exciting to have been interviewed by such a creative photographer. Her name is Carrie and she is the creativity behind the camera from Emaphotography. I met her from Ebay and guess what she lives near me in NJ. She photographed my children and what an awesome job. I will cherish those photos forever and the photo cd is the best. So if you are in New Jersey and you have some children you would like memories of than check out her WEBSITE. I have posted a portion of the interview but for more check out her BLOG.

What is your favorite all time piece of jewelry? It is funny I have a new favorite every month. I save my photos by the month for listing on Etsy. It is great to look at the photos of creations just over the last year. It changes, evolves, and new skills are shown.

So this is one favorite for May of 2008. Can you tell I like the beach?

Most popular item you sell for Adults? The current most popular item for ladies is the tab charms necklace.

I often create one of kind items for children for fun.
Here is an example.

Gifts? The title hand stamped necklace personalized
with names is a favorite gift.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I made progress now what?

Okay I took a quick photo in the middle of me packing up some custom orders today. I thought I was doing good. I like to give myself at least week from ordering to shipping out custom orders. Sometimes it is sooner, but lately it has been a week. I hope that seems fair. I did have a few inquiries wondering when their item would get to them. I think they were just excited. Wow I made good progress. I have a few left from last week and they are scheduled tomorrow. They were photo creations and I like to do them all together. I was supposed to go to a craft show this Saturday and I am not going to attend. I can not think about too much because it is such a waste to not go after you pay for a booth. I just did not have enough time to prepare and it is alot of work to go there and be embarassed with little inventory. I was thinking of going to one in June down the shore, but we will see. It has been pretty steady from my Etsy store. I did get a little panicked today after I realized I made so much progress that I am almost all caught up. LOL! I should be excited I have a paper full of design ideas. Now I will have time to create some new pieces. I also want to write my next ebook Sawing and Riveting silver. I am excited about that being done. Hey did I tell you I am taking an awesome 5 day workshop in July. Oh I will tell you more about that later. I will learn so much. Talk soon.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where have I been?

Well we had a great time in Hershey park on Mother's day after Saturday's competition. The girls performance was wonderful. They won first, but best of all for all Level 1 they placed grand champions. That means they had the highest score overall. They were excited and it was great way to end the season. Sunday at Hershey park was cool and not too many people so you could ride one of thier popular rides and than get right back on. We rode quite a few, even Rachel who is usually scared. Actually her dad rode one that shot like an aircraft carrier shoots a plane. It was really neat. So I guess this is great time to visit an amusement park and get the most out of your visit. It rained toward the end but it was time to go anyway. I came home to a list of orders to do and sometimes I do not know whether I am coming or going lately. Mother's day was busy, but I have yet to get everything complete before I get more it is great! I am really excited, but really busy. I thought I had my first craft show this Saturday and I decided not to attend, because I was unable to prepare. I had too many current orders to fill. I realized just last night that it is actually next Saturday. I am too silly. I have a calendar I think I need to start using it. I guess because the weather is getting better that every weekend is filling up. I get a little tense when I have too many things lined up, but this weekend is packed and so far I am doing well. LOL! We have a chinese auction to go to tomorrow night and I have to still get cups, make my basket, and go early to help set up. Sunday is church and than I am taking my mom out to lunch for a belated Mother's day. Than it is Monday again and next weekend is filled already. I guess I will just take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yeah for Mother's Day

Beach girl stamped bracelet with sand dollar charm, Peruvian opal and pearl dangle. Something coming soon to craft shows and Etsy. What can I say I love the beach. Okay back to my title. I am so glad that Mother's day is almost here. I am tired. I am thrilled that I was so busy, but it has been a mad rush to get so much done in a short time that my back hurts. LOL! I usually try to give myself a week from ordering to mailing, but you know with gifts there is a quicker turn around time. Especially if you are like me and order at the last possible minute. I had a few that came in today that I will finish over the weekend, but I am all caught up. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day weekend next week. My sister and I usually take my mom out to brunch and a walk around to some fancy stores that we just look around in, but this year we have to reschedule for the week after. We will be in chocolate town in Hershey, PA. My daughter has her last cheer competition on Saturday and they give the girls tickets to go to Hershey park on Sunday. I am so looking forward to having sometime with my family and relaxing a little bit. I will have to take some photos to share. Well I am off to bed to sleep in late.