Monday, April 27, 2009

Got to love the Beach in April

I have a couple new oxidized beach girl designs. A beach girl seahorse charm necklace and my new rimmed charms that will soon be available with custom names.

Anyway guess where I was yesterday. The shore and it was hot. Today was 90 degrees and hot in the house. I feel like it is too early for air conditioning, but I loved the weather at the shore. And for anyone reading this who has ordered something. I worked twice as much today, I promise I did.

We pretty much decided on Friday night we were heading to the shore the next day. It was my sister's idea, she made me do it. She does not know we go all day and boy was she tired when we got home. We love driving to the shore in our 2 door Jeep wrangler with the top down. We drove my sister's 4 door Jeep down so we could all fit. I like regular 2 doors better even though there is so much more room in the 4 door Jeep. Anyway we are late starters. We left at 12:30 and I know this because I had to go to the post office by 1:00pm. LOL! We stopped first in Sea Isle. We rented bikes and drove them on the promenade (concrete boardwalk) over looking the beach. It was really fun. I am so surprised because I usually shy away from doing stuff like that. It was nice though because there were people but not lots of people so you were not afraid to run into someone. So after that fun we headed back to the jeep for juice and chips. We worked up an appetite. We headed to Stone Harbor. We go to that town alot. We walked around and looked in the stores until 5pm when our favorite little restaurant Marabellas opened up. We all got garlic and oil spaghetti. Loved it! We walked around a little more, but stores were closing, because most don't open until May 1st to May 15th. We started to drive home but we all wanted some ice cream. We stopped in Ocean City and went on the boardwalk for soft serve and my sister got a tye dyed sweatshirt that said Ocean City. It was REALLY colorful. I wish I would have brought my camera. I missed lots of photo opportunity. We stopped for a coffee at WaWa and back home we headed. It was a great day. Sun, fun and family. Not too many things are better than a day at the beach.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally a GIVEAWAY just in time for Mother's Day

What your recipe for the perfect mom?
My Example:
1/3 cup of a great husband (Thank God for him)
1/3 cup of unconditional love (they really test this one when they get older)
1/3 cup of family fun (It is those times they will remember)

I will be giving away the winner's choice. The winner may choose from my new necklace, my favorite bangle, snake bracelet, or a set of charms. (The charms will be custom stamped and fit popular European style bracelets.) I am excited to see what my photographer friend Carrie from decides to do on her blog. She has graciously agreed to do a giveaway on her website. You just have to give your recipe. We will randomly pick a winner on April 22nd. Just in time for the winner to receive a custom piece of jewelry for Mother's Day. I am off to list these goodies on my website.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lindenboro BATC My Cheer Girls

We went to Virginia for the Battle at the Capital cheerleading competition on 3/20 & 3/21. We had a great time. It was a pain curling hair both nights, but that is the life of a cheer mom, right? The girls competed on Saturday and did a great job. I was so excited until I found out that was only a qualifying performance. So Sunday was the day that really counted. So you could do awesome on Saturday to just fall apart on Sunday. UGH! What a way to scare us for the next day. The pee wees looked so great and really had a chance to win. The Juniors looked great also, but boy they had a lot of competition. Wow! But all we could ask is that they do their best and I think they came pretty close to 2 perfect performances. Okay I copy these posted performance from youtube. I bought the cd but could not upload it.

Okay my youngest is the third one from the front middle to start. She does a back handspring, than she does another one up the right side, bases a stunt on the right, dances in the middle, back handspring, does the last tumbling pass and than front spots in the pyramid. I was so proud of all the girls. They are young and worked so hard to look so wonderful. YEAH LBC!

Okay it is harder to point out my oldest there are so many of them. In the beginning she is in the 4th row 2nd from left. She is an awesome back spotter 1st stunt second group from left. Did you see that pyramid she is in the left group. She gets the flyer up and down and twisted around and back up again. They came in 5th of out 11, and they did so awesome all of the girls. YEAH LBC!