Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some fun with the ladies from church

A sample of the donations given.

Wow, it has been a whole week. I left to go to the ladies retreat in Wildwood, NJ last Thursday. I stayed two nights. I do miss my family when I leave, but I needed a break. Not from them I wished they had come, but just everything else. I was a little stressed. I have been working hard, making lots of photo charms, making lots of hair bows, working one day a week, so much cheerleading, and oh yeah I have 2 kids, a husband, and a home. So all that to say I was looking forward to getting away with our church and just having fellowship and learning about God. My dear friend Deb was my roommate and we had a great time. We had the best time with 3 other ladies from our church staying up late each night and chatting. The ladies were all different ages and the oldest two were the rowdiest. Knocking on doors, calling us on the phone, and coming in to our room to chat, it was really a great time. They had me craking up. We ate lots of food, walked on the boardwalk (it was so Hot 81 degrees), and took some fun workshops. We met up on the second night it was a 60's themed gathering. You should have seen the bell bottoms, peace signs, and wigs. Too funny. We even played musical chairs and the eldest ladies were not kidding around! I have to get some photos. We had some great testimonies of what God was doing in people's life. Some shared struggles we all face and we heard some encouraging words. Again a great time until I came home with a cold. YUCK! Sunday I felt just barely okay, but Monday and Tuesday I was coach bound. Just felt better on Wednesday and have been working to catch up on those two days missed. I am all caught up now. There is so much I want to get done I have a home show next week and the holidays are coming. Time slow down. LOL!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Attn: Gold Girls: New 14KT Gold Filled Charm Necklaces

I just love it!

I received a request to do a special gold washer necklace similar to my flat ring of names so I decided to take the Gold plunge. I have had requests before, but I am a silver girl. Although my sister bought me a pretty top with gold buttons and I said I can not wear this with silver so I made myself something really small and delicate. The 14KT gold filled is not cheap, because it is real gold over metal NOT plated. I could not find it for sale in a thick gauge metal and I just won't make pieces using thin metal. I bought a Swanstrom disc cutter with washer add on and at first I thought it was not worth the hefty price tag of $300.(If you want some more information on the cutter contact me) It was marking the gold when you punched out the washers. At the price of a small piece of 14KT gold filled metal you do NOT want any marks. So you have to put a piece of paper on both sides of the metal to prevent any marking. It does wear very nicely. So now that I made myself a gold charm necklace, I will be a gold girl on some days. I look forward to making some gold girls happy this upcoming holiday season.

Some Jeep Fun

Chris and Rach looking cool.

He got stuck behind the double flat so he decided to break out of line and he did finally get out.

We were heading to a craft show last Saturday. The kids were not excited, because it was 2.5 hours away. But it would have been a beautiful ride. We could have left them home, but still young enough that I can make them come. So I did. Well I did not get much sleep the night before and I was not up for a super long drive, but I wanted to get away for the day. So I grabbed my iphone next to my bed and googled craft shows with the date. Well I found the Jeff Daniels Jeep show in Harleysville, Pa. Well we had never been to a Jeep show and we have a Jeep so why not it was only a 1.5 hours away. It was a nice day and it did not start until 1pm. My kind of show, late! Anyway my husband cleaned the Jeep. It was funny seeing him prepare the Jeep as if he would have been frowned upon by the other Jeeps. He even ran to get the "BIG" tire put on the rim for the spare so all the tires matched. Whatever. LOL! So we headed on our way. Stopped for breakfast locally at the Philly Diner in NJ. It was yummy. We got to the Jeep show and there were tons of Jeeps. You could enter your Jeep in the show. There were all kinds of catergories, old, modified, lots of catergories. We got there about 2:30 pm and they had some Jeeps in the back going through the mud trails. I thought that was the most exciting part. Lots of hills, mud, smoke, engines roaring, and even a double flat ending with a Jeep rescue with handy winch. They had some food, music, Jeeps. My only want was some vendors selling Jeep accessories and maybe some hats and t-shirts.

Well it is almost Saturday and we might head to West chester, PA to check out Quadratec's Jeep show. Hopefully they will have some small Jeep accessories for sale since they sell them in a huge catalog.