Monday, November 24, 2008

LBC Cheerleading FIRST PLACE

We are having a great season of cheerleading. My 8 year old competed yesterday 11/23 and won first place. My oldest is on the unlimited squad and they did great. They have a fabulous routine this year and they look so good. They won second and only lost by 2 points to a great team. I will get a video of them next competition. We have most of it but a whole group of girls walked in front of my husband as he taped. All the coaches, board members and team moms are volunteer. It is wonderful to be a part of an organization that competes so well and everyone does a great job of giving their time for the sport. I am proud of my youngest in this video she has been working on her round off back hand spring for awhile. She did it very well for this performance so I am happy for her. She finally has the confidence to do it without any hesitation. Thank you Courtney. She is her tumbling instructor who has been practicing with her each week.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I said I would do it!

My sister was hosting a baby shower for a friend. She asked me to make her something for the soon to be mommy. I have been very busy with holiday orders and cheerleading. I take all names from orders and copy and paste them on to my order list to prevent any typos. I promised my sister I would do it and now it was Saturday night and I still had not made her anything. I had my nieces over, a friend, and I was rolling my youngest hair in curlers for the big competition on Sunday morning. Okay and the theme of the baby shower was butterflies and rainbows. Soon to be mommy likes butterflies and my sister's joke with her was life is not rainbows and butterflies. The time was 11:59 pm Saturday evening and still no gift has been created. I could not think of what to make. This is no time for a designer's block. I thought a butterlfy cutout or a butterfly soldered on with the baby's name. Well I came up with a butterfly shaped pendant. Right before I stamped I thought was it Lily instead of Lilly??? Well I looked at what I typed when I was on the phone with my sister no Lilly is what it said. I called my sister at 1:20 am right before I stamped it. Can you believe she did NOT answer? Well there I went and stamped it oh so proudly with Lilly Grace. I loved how it turned out. Ok I think you know where I am going with this. I called my sister in the morning and it was Lily. UGH! can you believe it. Thankfully, I can fix it, but darn it. LOL!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crazy Cheer Season

I do not why I agreed to make all the bows for each team this year, but I did. LOL! How many bows are you wondering, it is 160 bows. I had some help and thank you to those that helped. I ordered the wrong size ribbon so that set me back a little. Well more than a little like 3 weeks. So I was freaking out a little as the deadline approached. It has been hard to fit into my schedule, but I am almost done. I have them all made for our first competition (11/9) except for trimming some ends and attaching ponytails, but for the most they are done. I have 24 more to do next week, but I do not need them until 11/16. YEAH! So here is a yucky photo I just snapped of some of the bows. I have 4 full bags of them 134 in all. My daughter is wearing one of the bows with the original thinner ribbon, but I sent that back to get the wider ribbon. So back to making some new jewelry designs instead of bows.