Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some favorite photos.

Okay this is classic photo. The Disney photo guy was kind enough to take a photo with our camera as well.

This was at MGM's 50's Prime Time Cafe. Our waitress was so great. She told us no elbows on the table and to eat our vegtables, but she was kind to us as only a mother would be. You would have fun at this neat restaurant.

Rachel is on right in orange and my neice Ashley is on the left. This was at MGM's new Toystory interactive parade. I loved it! It was fun but different than the other parades that I love. They completely stopped in a few locations for a long time. It was kind of like a dance and sing a long parade and I had a great time too! They get all the kids involved in the parade.

Okay who does not like a picture with a princess. We did not see many up close, but we waited to see Snow White. All the girls love those princesses even my oldest had fun.

Okay my youngest neice is almost three. She was not afraid of the characters, but when a girl like Mary Poppins or Alice came around, she was like Mommy they are so pretty. LOL! She cracked me up.

Oh my goodness! It has been so long.

Check us out in our cool shirts from TheTieDyeGirl. Wow! It has been forever since I posted. I am so sorry. I came home from vacation and I was searching the Internet for information on Christmas day at Disney. (By the way if you have any advice I would love to hear about it.) Well, I got spyware on my main computer. It has been such a pain. I do not get why mean people create such ugly viruses. I do not know what satisfaction they can possibly get from ruining my computer. Thankfully I have a laptop, so I have been able to communicate and receive orders, but I did not have access to my photos, camera, photo editing software, and lots of other stuff that you don't realize you use everyday. Well, I am back up and running. It was a fun time being away, but I missed making jewelry. I look forward to creating some new pieces. It was nice to come home and have time to get some new things done, but than I could not take photos of it. LOL! Also when we came home our van stopped working. So we had only one vehicle and with two girls in cheerleading going different places at different time. Needless to say we needed to get a vehicle quick. We did not want a car payment, so my husband searched and searched for used vehicle. Ugh! There was nothing to be found except for yucky cars for way too much money. We thankfully finally found a decent Jeep Cherokee for a decent price and great condition considering the age. So hopefully we will get a few years out it. So anyway I am back on my blog and hopefully will be showcasing some new designs here for holidays orders.