Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do you want to stamp?

I love to stamp, so you might too! Well I help create this kit with all the necessary tools. You will have everything you need to stamp any metal you want brass, copper, and silver. I would have loved to buy a kit from one place with only one shipping cost. When I first started out I was forever looking for the best deals, but after you find them than you have to pay for shipping from each of them. So check out Chris's Etsy store for the kit or even if you are just looking to pick up some silver blanks or other tools and supplies. Coming soon custom design stamps to really add something new to your designs. Feel free to submit ideas for stamps you may be looking to purchase.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Handmade Invites

Okay my intentions were to have some postcards made and they would be a fancy way to give out invitations to home parties or send with applications for craft shows. Well that just did not happen. I have been trying to take care of Mother's Day orders and have not had too much time to create new items for the upcoming home show that I will be attending. A couple of ladies that I met at local craft shows are hosting a home jewelry party. They are so dear, and it will be a perfect time for Mother's day jewelry. So I thought I have to get these handouts to my party host, but it was too late for a professional printing job. Well I digitally put together four photos in a 6 by 4 inch frame. I went to my local photo print and printed a bunch out for 19 to 29 cents a piece depending if you wanted it right now or come back in hour. I bought some nice paper from the local craft store with a 50 percent off coupon to use a backdrop. I cut the photos up into four and double taped them to the cardstock paper. I had also printed business cards with all the party info and double taped them to the other side. I think they turned out nice for the time crunch and the price. It is a crafty way of presenting your different works to your party guest.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Act of Beadiness

I belong to bead group that exchanges ideas, encourages one another, and do fun exchanges from time to time. I have done this exchange before and it is so much fun. We all had to fill out a favorites list answering all kinds of questions. One group leader will pair you up with someone and you have to buy $10 worth of stuff to send their way. The list helps you know what the person likes and dislikes. It is fun to give, but it certainly fun to open a big box of surprises. So this is what I received yesterday at my doorstop. She so spoiled me.

Thank you Wendy so much for my big beautiful box filled with goodies. I got reeses cups that are so yummy my favorite so I took the picture quick yesterday. Pens, paper, a photo album in my favorite color green, a magazine love that, vanila cream my favorite smell, lip gloss never can have enough of that, and a big focal turquoise bead and my favorite beautiful teal lampwork beads. I do not have any of them but I think now I will have to get more. They are so beautiful. I think they could be used instead of money. I just have to make something beautiful. Thank you so much.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wedding Photo

I was just going through my wedding album to find a picture. Some ladies were posting their photos online to share, so since I scanned it here we are. It was so fun to look through our photos together. It is amazing what 11 years can do to a person. LOL! I thought I was fat and now I want to lose a little weight to be that fat again. LOL! We were and are still so in love. It makes me think of our kids being excited to look through all of our photos when they get older. I really need to get a video camera. Isn't that terrible that I do not have one? Video captures things differently that a camera, but photos are beautiful. (except school photos LOL! I don't like buying them) Boy I am tired. I am all over the place with the photo thing. Thanks for letting me share.