Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gosh it has been so long, but still making jewelry!

This is great for Mother's day for that special grandmom with lots of grandkids. I just made one the other day with 8 grandchildren. The charms are 1/2 inch thick sterling rounds so it is not too big for the wrist just perfect. The grandkids can been seen very easily which is great for that grandmom who loves to think and talk about her special grandbabies. Check out my website for a customized bracelet.
I am also working on a few new designs that I will be listing for ready to sell items for Mother's day.

I look forward to posting more. I have been busy with so much but who isn't. God was doing great things in my marriage. Some of it was hard but oh so worth it. God has so many blessings for us to have if we just do things the right way and not our sinful way.

Cheerleading is over for now. The kids are doing well. We are looking forward to having my two nieces for a week while their parents go to Las Vegas. After that week we will have my mom's dog for a week. And after that I will need a vacation. LOL! We are all missing Disney already except maybe my husband, but he does love it is just ready to go somewhere different.

So bye for now hopefully I will be back in a few days with some new photos.