Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tomorrow is a big day

I came back to add this picture. She had fun. Rachel is so excited to go to her competition tomorrow. They are not competiting, because they are hosting the competition. She is just excited to wear her uniform and perform with her new team.

I have been so busy lately doing jewelry orders from Etsy. It has been awesome, but I have been a little overwelmed. I love making jewelry, so it is not that. I do not know if I can keep working a couple of days week like I do now. I am working extra right now for someone so I have limited time to get the orders done. I usually manage my time well, but I just have a lot to do lately. I will see how the next couple of weeks go with orders. I am looking for some extra time to create new items that I have sketched on paper. I am also looking to write another ebook. I will be doing one for free to buyers as advertisement for my husband joining me to sell silver supplies online. We have alot going on as everyone does. Life just goes too fast sometimes. It is almost March.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Had Baby Fever

You can have your own sterling silver keepsake photo charm by visiting my etsy store or my website.
I wrote this earlier this week. I am feeling better now. LOL! I wanted to post it because I can not believe it. My heart is racing right now as I am typing. I know you all do not know me real well, but I am known NOT to be the baby type. I am not one of those women that rush to see a newborn. I do not love being in the nursery at church. I look at my sister in law at her age with a toddler and I usually want to run. I also do not babysit unless it is a emergency until age 4 than they can stay as long as they want.

I think it started last week at church we had a baby dedication, although the baby was more like a toddler and I just think it started there. I also think it is my daughter is going to be 8 and she is so affection but not a little girl anymore. And I am having another birthday so it is definitely now or never. I mentioned it to my husband and he said before he was excited. I said oh my don't say that. He said he could have another one.

But tell me I am too old. This will pass. I will be enjoying grandchildren soon enough. I am just getting to the age that I can run out with my husband and leave my kids for a couple hours. And most important I will not fit my size 5 family into a friendly economy sized and special priced Disney packages anymore.

Okay so now PLEASE tell me to get a dog or something.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beach Girl

It has been so warm the past two days that I got to thinking about the beach. I think it got up to 70 degrees here in New Jersy in February. That is crazy. Well before you know it our trips to the beach will start. I love going to the beach and so does my family. I do a few craft shows at the shore and I think this necklace would be popular. You can check it out here in my Etsy store.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Month

Well between January and February we have alot of birthdays around here. My birthday and my daughter's birthday is on the same day. It is fun even more so because it is on Valentine's day. Anyway my life has been busier than usual. We had a sickness in my extended family, but all is better and they are leaving the hospital for a full recovery. Well this week we have our first competition coming up with the new cheer team. I have a lot of bows to finish before Sunday. I still have not had too much time to create anything new. I have had a few orders come in here and there and with everything else it is all I can do to. I have been taken alot of notes so when I do get time to create I will be ready with my ideas.

I did have a chance to make something for my friend who had her birthday on February 2nd. She is really involved in the cheerleading team Showtyme so for her birthday I made her pendant that matched their logo. I hand cut it out of sterling silver and soldered a hand stamped showtyme name onto the pendant. I am excited to give it to her and, I hope she likes it.