Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharing our birthdays

Rachel and I just turned another year older. We have the same birthday on February 14th. For a long time it has really been just her birthday, but I have so much fun celebrating it with her. So this is what we did. The day before her birthday she had off from school. So I took her and her friend to Sweet and Sassy. It is a local place here in Cherry Hill, although they have them around so check out their website. Well they offer party packages but most start at $350 and are for 8 girls. I just did not want to spend that kind of money right now with trying to move. Plus with 8 girls it is too much planning and worrying about them that I did not want all the stress. They had a party going on when we were there and it is was okay. They do have the girls sing, dance, and do a small hair updo and makeup. I really like the details of each service with the personal princess for a day package they offer.
So anyway we got there and the girls got their robes on and stepped into a whirl pool for a feet soaking.

They got a full pedicure with sparkly cream, toe ring, and a funky zebra decoration on their toe. They loved it.

Next was a manicure, with ring, and nail art.

Than a full style choice updo with a make up application. Rachel enjoyed her birthday celebration and we added a haircut.

We than headed next store to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was me, both my daughters, her friend, and her friend's mom. We had a great time and yummy cheesecake.

So if you have a couple of girls that would love a full star treatment than they would love it.

The next day my family came over for our signature dinner of oil and garlic spaghetti with breaded chicken. And no birthday celebration is complete without Sweet Eats cakes. So delicious. Rachel got cookie dough cake and I got chocolate peanut butter silk.
OKAY the craziest part of the whole birthday was my mom's present. I got nice gifts thank you everyone. Gift cards and the week before my sister bought me an outfit because she knew that I did not have anything to wear to a wedding. OH MY GOODNESS. I forgot we got Elton John and Billy Joel concert tickets for me and Chris and my mom and Ray for July 3oth. It was a birthday present from my husband. I am typing as random as my thoughts. LOL! ANYWAY my CRAZY mother bought me a Coach big pocketbook and WALLET. I can not believe she did that. I will have to take a photo of it. It is so nice black and grey with silver hardware. She really over did it. But Thank You, MOM!

It has been so long...

Gosh, where does the time go? I do have some excuses. I just put my house for sale. So that was alot of work. My husband had alot molding to put up. We never did get around to doing that for ourselves, but now it is up and freshly painted. We have done alot of painting, cleaning, and throwing away alot of stuff. I was thinking we should have done of these quick freshening jobs before, but we do have two kids and you know how your schedule fills up. (especially when it comes to the choice of painting) I do not think I like painting very much. I love my house and my street, but I think we need one more room to use for my workshop. And of course another bath and garage would be wonderful. Although as we look around in our buying price range we like our current house even more. So we will see what happens. It might not be the best time to sell a house, but good a time to buy one. If it is meant to be than it will all work out. In the meantime life feels a little crazier than normal. Looking for houses and being prepared for showings of my house. I will keep you posted. Here is picture of my freshly painted family room. Don't look at that silly window treatment, because I was asked by my realtor to put something up there so it would not look so plain.