Friday, July 18, 2008

My bowl and my contribution.

Okay so I do not want to bore you with my Peters Valley stories. I will just say it was a great experience even though I heard the fine metal department bonds the least. I think we did just fine. Thanks to Lauren and Karen for the ride down to lunch on the days I did not have my Jeep. Well every Sunday after lunch the Peters Valley staff gets an auction together that is open to the public as well as the students. The workshop teachers, helpers, and even students auction off their creations. You can get some wonderful pieces for a great price for even a better cause. The funds are given to Peters Valley to continue their great class offerings from well known designing teachers in all different art fields. Check out my bowl I won that was created by Alison from ceramics signed and dated. Thanks!

Here is my created donation. I am sending these off to be auctioned off during their Sunday fun. I know someone there will heart
Peters Valley like me and gladly give money to wear it with a smile. Thanks.

Here are our rings after a good tumble. Shiny things are so hard to photograph. I can see all kinds of things in that photo even my daughter. Today I poked a hole in a thick piece of paper to take a photograph of a bracelet. I just stuck the lens of the camera through the hole and at least I could not see myself. Although it is definitely not professional or taken in a fancy photo box, but if it sells and the person loves it than it works. Look at the bracelet to see the piece of paper. LOL!

Now doggy tags, what's next?

I am not sure what is next for sure, but I get so much inspiration from my designing customers. I had a similiar charm for sale on Etsy. I had sweet customer contact me to see if we could stamp her dog's name and her number on the back. I thought sure I can do that, I think? I knew I had to start from scratch if I was doing stamping and to fit the name. I had to postpone my creating until I came back from my week away at Peters Valley. So this is what it looked like before I sent it off to it's new owner. It just arrived today and Gidgette's owner was happy and I quote. LOL! "WOW. I absolutely love how the birdhouse pendant turned out." Thank you for letting me create it. I look forward to opportunities to practice my skills.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am back and I heart Peters Valley

Here are some things I made while I was away. I made some new wedding bands for my husband and I, but I do plan on tumbling them to a shine. I made a faceted stone tube setting ring and some copper heavy gauge earrings. I was away for a 5 day metalsmith workshop. I took my family with me and we stayed in a rented RV at a campground. Our friends also came just for three days with their girls so everyone had fun. I left to go to the workshop each day from 9 to 5. I did have to drive about 45 minutes to get to the workshop location. I would return to the campground just in time for dinner, smores by the fire, and late night talking. My family did go visit the Orange County Choppers shop and forgot to take their video camera, but I got a t-shirt.

Okay so more about my workshop. I did think it was going to be different and at first I thought I would not take another workshop. I later changed my mind. I have learned a lot from books and once you know the basics nothing beats practice. I learned tips and tricks from the teacher and the students. I asked lots of questions. I learned I need more tools. (Do we ever have enough tools? LOL!) I also gained some confidence about making new things. I think most of all I had a great time working with the other students. They were all different and all amazing in their own way. I loved the location of my workshop. It was very rustic to say the least. I had to drive a 1.5 miles up a dirt/rock road to get to Thunder mountain where the fine metals department was located. We had lunch each day at noon located back down that dirt road in house. Each day it's workers made a great meal. Some of the students offered 10 hours of their time to work in different areas for a discounted workshop. A great non profit organization only alive with the support of it's students and others who purchase crafts and attend their yearly two day craft show. I would definitely take another workshop and if the timing is right and I have the money we will go again to a campsite closer to Peters Valley. I plan on supporting Peter's Valley by donating some creations to their weekly auction held every Sunday. They auction off crafts created by students, assistants, and teachers. I was the high bidder on a beautiful blue bowl with pretty flowers created by Alison the ceramics assistant.