Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look at this YUMMY appetizer

This was made by my daughter Christina. She loves to cook and to cook alot. It was so delicous. It was a version of an appetizer we had recently out at a restaurant. Chef Christina's version: Fresh Jersey Tomatoes-they were so yummy with reduced balsamic vinegar topped with cilantro(we could not find basil) served with a garlic infused whole wheat Italian bread with melted fresh mozzarella. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing, but thankfully I had restraint.

Well we took a day trip to Cape May, New Jersey. My husband had a quick job down there and we traveled with him. My younger daughter went to the Jonas Brothers concert in a LIMO, but more about that when I get photos. Anyway we missed going to the Mad Batter on Wednesday when we just my husband and I went to Cape May. (He had the same job but the computer did not work so he had to go back-lucky me) So if you are ever in Cape May you gotta go to this restaurant called the Mad Batter. We usually visit for brunch and went there for Easter one year, but this was our first time for dinner. It isn't cheap, but we found out everyday if you arrive between 5 to 5:30 you will receive half off the second meal. Well we enjoyed our waitress, we enjoyed hearing the specials and they even told us the prices. I find it so annoying when a restaurant does not not tell you the prices for specials. What if it is some unique thing that cost $150? Anyway we loved the food. I think it may have been my best dinner ever.
My husband had salmon topped with lump crabmeat over mashed sweet potatoes.
I had petite filet Mignon with a crab cake with sweet potato hash and roasted tomatoes. I don't usually like sweet potatoes, but these were delicous.
My daughter had a Caesar salad with Thai buffalo wings.(2 appetizers her choice.)
Everything was wonderful my only complaint was my daughter's soda was not a free refill and the waitress asked her if she wanted a refill. First of all I am paying a decent price for my plate of food give me a free soda it is pennies. Second of all if it is not free refills ask me if she can have it than I will realize it is not free don't ask her I know she is old but I am sure she is not paying for dinner. Just a pet peeve. I will definitely go back again and again but drink water.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay seriously what took me so long??? Really

Okay I am going to put in writing that my 14 year old daughter was right. (even though her reason was different than mine) She had been telling me to get an upgrade. I was a free agent so to speak. I was not in contract to AT&T, but I had an ANCIENT phone. Gosh if you saw it you would chuckle, but it worked and I could easily fit it in my pocket. I turned my house phone into a telephone and received a free phone for the house and it was newer than my phone, but so NOT user friendly. I still can't stand it. Yeah it has more gadgets like a camera but who cares. So I was talking to the phone agent and she was telling me about some different phones and I said well I am going to the mall today which I never do and I will go into the AT&T store and check them out. Well I was looking at this one phone that she and my daughter recommended for me, but they were out of stock. So I said well I really need a phone that I could check my email. He said well you should get an iphone. I remember when they first came out and they were so expensive and than you had to upgrade your service and I pay way TOO much money already for my phone. It feels like a car payment. Well he said it would cost me $105 for the phone with my upgrade and very little money to upgrade to the unlimited media plan. So I said okay that is easy. I paid my money and found out that AT&T does not insure the iphones. I thought great I going to break in the first week. (since than I bought a 2 year $70 protection plan) Well out the door I went and my life has changed forever. I know dramatic, but seriously. I LOVE it! I can check my email all the time, I need to be available to answer question, relist store items, email ebooks, and before when I could not check my email it gave me stress. Now no stress. Okay other fun things super user friendly I never even needed to look at the book. I can look up my map location, directions, check weather anywhere, and solve life's marital disagreements with one click to google. Like what length is the Pocono raceway?(my husband was right 2.5 miles)
Okay so my new best friend goes with me everywhere and keeps me available even on a day trip, weekends, and my upcoming Florida trip. 2 weeks long would nearly kill me with limited internet access. So yea I have the old 3G iphone but I got it at great price and I am beyond thrilled even after I got my first bill.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look at my pretty earrings and more...

I had these circles I made out of wire and I had some starfish on my work table. You end up accumulating left overs or unused pieces on your worktable. So I decided to make a pair of earrings to match my beach girl charm necklace. I love them and they are oxidized so you never have to worry about color change due to tarnish. I wore them on the beach and everything this past weekend. I would like to make some for my web stores if I ever get some time.

This was a custom order. I really liked how the earrings turned out. She wanted some shell earrings to match the bracelet, and she already has a seahorse beach girl necklace charm. NOTE: the beach girl bracelet stamped bar is not two toned but all oxidized it is a reflection from the light.

Is it too late to say Happy 4th of July?

Oh my I embarrassed to have not been on here for so long. Sometimes I wish I could stop time to catch up. Life is just so busy sometimes that it is just nice when you have the holidays to relax and enjoy family. We went to my mom's house for a bbq. We had a nice time talking with my mom's friends and her boyfriend's family. I even got to see my brother, Kim, and my two nieces. (first photo, Rachel-my daughter-my niece Madison, my niece-Ashley) Well what a interesting time it end up being. I will tell you I was on the phone with Disney most of the day I actually depleted the entire phone battery. LONG story short. We went to Disney last year in August and had an awesome time. We got along so well, the kids were wonderful, and we just enjoyed each others company.(and LOVED Disney too!) Well Disney was offering their spectacular free dining again this year and my husbnad was so not into going. We went twice last year. I know crazy but we went with my family first than his family during Christmas who live in Florida. Okay I am making this much longer I just get so excited about Disney. Anyway we decided to all go again this year and we decided to add on the waterparks so than my husband was excited to go and at least do something different. All 11 of us. Mom, Ray, my sister, my brothers four, and us. We were so excited. Well my brother had some unexpected car expense that took alot of funds and they decided with much sadness that they would not be able to save money in time. I was rushing them a little because I wanted to make dining reservations once without all the rescheduling I did last year when we added family members each week.(It started as 6 of us and grew) So I canceled their reservation. Well at the bbq my mom said something about getting special shirts like last year.
SEE US looking so cool it was great and so easy to find each other.

Well my brother started to get real emotional about how last year's trip was his best time ever in life. He was very sad about his family not being part of the trip. Family memories and so on. It really choked us all up we hugged him and everything. My HERO mom decided to pay for him and let him pay her back. Well we tried to get him at the same resort and we could not but thay are next door currently at the moderate resort Caribbean beach. Hopefully we can change him and get him in all of our dining reservations. We are super excited and looking forward to making some new shirts instead of having them made this year to save a little money. We should do them DISNEY OR BUST. LOL!