Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love the beach

I just love the summer. It comes and goes so fast but boy do I enjoy it when it's here. It's not officially summer but the weather has been hot. Memorial day was super hot here in NJ. We got our four wheel drive pass for our jeep and we drive right on the beach in Brigantine, NJ. It's really great and once you do it you won't ever want to walk all the way on the beach again. You just drive real close to the water and unpack all your beach stuff. We have a little rack thing on the back of the wrangler so it holds the cooler, beach chairs, and boogie boards. Now with the baby we have so much more stuff. A baby tent, umbrella, all her diaper bag stuff and more. She was good on the beach but didn't like the cold water on her feet. She loves getting a bath so maybe she will like it more when the water gets warmer. We will see. Here is a picture of Joy on her first day of being a beach girl.