Sunday, October 12, 2008

HSM3 High School Musical 3 is coming out soon!

Okay is this what happens when you get older? You just get goofier by the year. I am so excited for HSM3 to come out on October 24th. Okay if you do not about the movie. It is a musical from Disney about school kids. The first one aired on the Disney channel which I do not have, so I did not see that one until it was out on DVD. The second one was just okay and it came out on DVD. The third one senior year is coming out on the big screen (10-24-08) so it has to be the best by far. Disney will go all out for this one I just know it. Anyway back to me being too excited for this movie to come out.(Yes more than my kids) I received an email from Disney about the release and that I could buy tickets before to secure a spot on opening night. Well that is exactly what I did. We are all scheduled to go Friday October 24th to see HSM3 on the big screen. (Even my husband agreed to go with us girls LOL!) I just had to make some jewelry to sell online on Ebay for this joyous event. The boutique group I belong to the Lil Peas on Ebay is having a HaPea Holidays launch this Tuesday and this is what I will be auctioning off. I am going to have a reserve because I will just keep it if it does not get some decent bids. It will be a great personalized gift. Bracelet features a custom name charm and the necklace features a whole other side to have custom stamped with your choice text. Okay back to me being goofy, maybe I just like musicals plus it is good wholesome show so hard to find nowadays.

Getting ready for the holidays

New sterling photo charm just listed in my Etsy store and soon on my website. It is great holiday gift. It will soon be available in a bracelet too! My personal favorite. It is nice heavy photo charm originally created by me and will hold a photo to treasure and even better it is totally waterproof.

Another new item for the holidays a four side sterling bar that you can have custom stamped with text or names. Something simple to wear everyday. I really like how this one turned out and so will you for yourself and to give as a gift.

I am still planning on finishing me ebook soon. I already had some holiday orders come in, but what is really holding me up is I have been working 3 days a week. It is only temporary while someone is out with an injury. I usually only work 1 day a week, so with my added cheerleading schedule with the kids it does not leave me with extra time for my ebook. It also has to be just the right time of day for photos and my schedule has to be cleared. If everything works out I might just say forget about everything for one day just to get some good photos taken. After that it will be out in no time.

Soon I will be posting the hairbows I will be making for the cheerleading squads. I have no idea how I will finish them. I had a mix up with the ribbon size so I will not have the right ribbon until next week and the first competition is the second Saturday of November. Okay as I typed that I started to panic. We have 160 girls all together on all the squads. I think I will be showing them how to do it. They are already going to help cut the ribbons, glue them together, angle and burn the ends so they do not fray. Next assemble them and glue the middle ribbon over the rubber band. Oh my goodness!