Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sharing an email from an Ebook customer

I thought I would share a question from a recent customer of my Stamping ebook. I hope anyone who has purchased my ebook on Hand Stamping or How to make glass art pendants knows I am always available to answer questions. I love when people ask me questions. I have been asked questions on starting their own business to where to buy a supply they may be looking for questions on how to do something they may have seen in my store. I am really going to try and finish my ebook this coming week on sawing and riveting silver. I have charts to help with sizing and I plan on doing using a few different skills to complete a project. I am excited for the ebook to be released. It will have a lot information to offer and plus I am available to answer any questions. Okay so the photo you see is a new marker that I am trying out.

QUESTION: I was wondering if you know some websites that sell design stamps. I need some a little bigger.
Also any advice on how to make the letters darker with the permanent marker? I have done a few pieces but they are not as dark as I like them to be.

ANSWER: You can try and contact they do custom work but custom design stamps will run about $120 and up. They are really good quality stamps and can set you apart from other sellers.
As far as darkening the letters. If you want something darker you can try liver of sulphur. It will darken your whole piece. I could give written directions but you can just read it here. Log in and find lots of neat information. I also just tried a different pen and I found it at the craft store around here and you can find it online at It seems to be darker and more resistant to water. I have not finished the trial on it to recommend them but so far much blacker and stays longer. Staedtler Lumocolor permanent black marker with .6mm point
Thanks, Tammy

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Okay does anyone read my blog?

Anyone? I advertise it on my website and Etsy store. Sometimes if I receive an email from people they will comment on different posts, so I know sometimes it is being read. I hardly ever have people post comments here. I would do giveaways but I would be afraid that I would be the only one here to see what I was giving away. LOL! Well I am having free shipping until May 1st for orders on I do sell alot of ebooks, so I wonder if I should do more jewelry making posts. Like add on techniques to the stamping ebook. If you are out there let me know what you want to see. I would love to answer questions. Or hear design ideas that you would like to see in my stores. Trades or advertisement opportunities, or carrying my items in your store. Did I forget anything???

I think everyone is on facebook. I know so may people who are on that website and can't get away. I have not ventured over there yet. I did not like myspace but I hear it is better.

My new favorite bracelet.

Okay I am not a big jewelry wearing person. I know sounds weird from someone who makes it. LOL! Anyway I like things simple. I wear simple earring hoops, a simple light necklace, and usually one bracelet. Anyway I had this idea of this bangle with a slider charm and I remember when I first finished it I thought I really like the look of this, but I would hate wearing it. I showed it to my sister and we agreed cute look and someone else would love it with the sliding charm, but not us. We thought too much clanking for us simple girls. Well, I made it as an example for a custom piece. It such a different piece of personalized jewelry. I like to wear a piece if it is really different just to make sure there are no design flaws. My husband and I went out to dinner with his high school friend and his lovely wife. We all went to Scaturro's Restaurant and we loved it. We found out my husband's high school classmate is the owner. Anyway I decided to wear my sample. I wore it the next day, another day, and today. Well it is official I love it. It wears so nicely not noisy or bothersome. I actually enjoy playing with it sometimes, but I can totally forget it is on too! I am planning on making a version of the charm to go on those snake chain bracelets. It would be great I thought to buy a personalized charm with your kid's name or anniversary date to fit on the pandora, chamilia, biagi, or troll style bracelet. My friend has one and I am going to make her a charm for her new baby.