Sunday, March 30, 2008

March is almost gone already?

Look at my fishy. It was first a fun piece to match a new children's clothing line. I liked it enough to make another one and than oxidize it for adults. Somebody at a craft show down the shore will love it.

Okay back to my title. March is almost gone already? It is unbelievable. Is this what happens when you get older the time just starts to fly by?

Okay I have a funny story. My girlfriend took me out to lunch just recently for my birthday that was in Feb. Well she asked me how old I was. I said well I have been saying my new age long before I turned that age, because I knew it was coming. Anyway she is looking at me and says you are 10 years younger than me. I get scared. I said please do not tell me I am actually another year older than I am saying. She says NO you are a year younger. So I know I am SO silly for not knowing. (In my defense my younger daughter's birthday is the same day as mine so for the last 8 years it is really her birthday) I feel like she gave me the best birthday ever, a whole year. Yeah! I feel so young. LOL!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally completed!!!

Well I am so happy to say I finished my ebook. I had a lot success with my How to make soldered glass art pendant that I just had to write another one for How to hand stamp pendant jewelry. I have been writing this for awhile, but never could seem to get enough time to finish. First of all the best time to take pictures in my house is around 3 pm and I always have to run and pick up the kids from school. On top of that Etsy sales have been keeping me busy and working a couple days a week and I told you I had kids right? LOL! Well with cheerleading and basketbal there for awhile there just seemed like there was never enough time in the day. Which is a topic of many of my post. I do not want to seem like I am complaining because really no matter what the days get filled with something. So if you have enough time and want to learn a new skill than go to my Etsy store or my website and purchase the new ebook. This ebook has all the information you will need to create your very own hand stamped jewelry with 47 pictures in 17 pages. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strawberry Sass

I made a sterling Strawberry necklace to match two designers on Ebay. We collaborated on a strawberry theme and the whole thing came wonderful and was photographed and modeled perfectly. Shelly made the adorable outfit and Rachael made the cutest bows. The necklace is a one of a kind creation. I had fun making it and I was please with the way it turned out. I do not list much on Ebay, but I am in a design group called the Lil Peas. So if you are ever looking for some children's custom boutique creations from clothing to jewelry to back packs. You can just search the words Lil Peas on Ebay to find high quality hand made creations made from an incredible group of ladies.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Down the shore in March

We were down the shore last week for Rachel's cheerleading competition. We have been to a lot of competitions before, but this was totally different. It was a two day national competition, so each team performs both days. That way if you have a bad day you can bring up your score the next day. It was a great experience. We did not compete against another team, but our other teams did and they did well. We made a nice time of it. We got down the shore on Saturday morning. It was stormy day, but we ended up staying inside longer to watch the other teams. My husband even got into it. It was fun to watch level 4, 5, & 6 perform. The stunts and gymnastics they do is amazing. We packed a lunch of chicken salad, so we had a healthy lunch. We checked into a hotel at the Cape May shore. I washed out Rachel's fallen curls and we headed out to have a nice dinner. We ate at a great place called Lucky Bones. We have been to Cape May before, but have never eaten there before. The food, atmosphere, and our waitress were great. You could get a sandwich with homemade fries for $11 or a special fresh fish dinner for $24. We will definitely be back again. It was crowded for a March Saturday down the NJ shore. We went back to hotel and I rolled Rachel's hair and it turned out way better the next day. Sunday we went back to competition just me and Rachel. I did not want to pay another $40 for us all to get in. I know it can get expensive for sure. After the awards we were done by noon. We walked around the quaint shops and than headed out. We often take the long way so we can look at all the scenery. We stopped at a few chain stores looking for a new comforter with no luck. We stopped at Mack and Manco's pizzeria for their famous pizza. It was crowded and I know why their pizza is great. So we all had a great weekend. A nice young women offered to take this photo on the Ocean City's boardwalk. (Wasn't that nice) For whatever reason I forgot to take off my hood.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Awesome book.

Okay is this coolest thing ever. Yes, it is and I am so excited to see the completed book. This is the cover of Volume III Handbook to the Handmade. I will be featured in Volume V and you can be featured in Volume VI. You can check out the information about the artist behind the book and the artists that are featured in the Etsy book by TimothyAdamDesigns.
The handbook to handmade is a monthly volume of 35 artists and their shops...this makes a great coffee table book. This book makes a great promotional tool to promote your shop and ETSY. The handbook is sent out to each of the 35 artists for them to use it as a promotional tool. Please check out here for more information on this incredible opportunity.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally I can see the light!

I had these sterling silver circles for so long so I stamped them. I was working on a few orders on Sunday so I figured I would use it who doesn't need to LIVE LOVE LAUGH more OFTEN?

I have been so busy with orders, but I am all caught up. I still have to put everything together, print labels, pack everything up, but everything is in the tumbler. I feel like I accomplished so much. YEAH!

I have been grumpy lately. I work a couple of days a week and my boss called me grumpy yesterday. I wanted to say, "Who me?" but I knew I was a little. I have been trying to write another ebook and I seem never to have time to create new things or even order supplies. My husband is starting something new and I have been helping him. I have phone calls to return that just way on your mind until they are done. (Oh and in NJ new law no cell phones while driving or they can pull you over for just that. Ugh that is where I get all my phone calls done) LOL! Anyway, so I am always driving someone somewhere. We are going away this weekend for a two day cheer competition and I need to find a motel. I tell ya just that can take so much time. Oh and we are out bread and jelly two of our house necessities. I need to get with it. I know sounds like comlaining, and I am but I know I am blessed with so much.