Friday, August 3, 2012

I Love you to the Moon and Back

I just made this for a new mommy to be. What a great gift! You can even get the book to go with it for about $8. The title is, Guess how much I love you.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's sadly almost over. Can you believe it's August already. Well I have been busy with orders. Thank you! I have some new designs in the works. I look forward to sharing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FREE drawing now cause I finally did it! Got a business FB page

FREE RANDOM DRAWING for a mystery piece of jewelry. For all my 47 & counting LIKES out there!!! Thank you I got my own URL!
Okay it's easy to win all you have to do is COMMENT on this post and answer 2 questions. I am going to choose a winner on Monday July 16th 2012. I am going to draw a winner the old fashioned way names from a hat, bowl, bucket whatever is available. I will post the winner here and just email me at with your mailing address, so I can send you a mystery custom designed keepsake.
Okay so here are the 2 questions.
1) What would you like to celebrate on a piece of jewelry? Ideas: children, anniversary, longitude & latitude of a favorite place, the memory of a loved one, being a beach girl, your love of fishing (shout out to the Radie's), or something else that's special to you,
2) What kind of special custom piece would you like to celebrate it on? Ideas: necklace, bracelet, charm, ring, key chain, book marker, ornament, photo charm, metal guitar pick, or something other kind of keepsake that I haven't thought of.
Okay so there it is two simple questions. I will comment on my favorite. Can't wait til Monday!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love the beach

I just love the summer. It comes and goes so fast but boy do I enjoy it when it's here. It's not officially summer but the weather has been hot. Memorial day was super hot here in NJ. We got our four wheel drive pass for our jeep and we drive right on the beach in Brigantine, NJ. It's really great and once you do it you won't ever want to walk all the way on the beach again. You just drive real close to the water and unpack all your beach stuff. We have a little rack thing on the back of the wrangler so it holds the cooler, beach chairs, and boogie boards. Now with the baby we have so much more stuff. A baby tent, umbrella, all her diaper bag stuff and more. She was good on the beach but didn't like the cold water on her feet. She loves getting a bath so maybe she will like it more when the water gets warmer. We will see. Here is a picture of Joy on her first day of being a beach girl.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Collingswood Mayfair Tomorrow

Hope to see you there. I have not done a show in years. I will have samples that can be ordered with your custom text, and a few ready to go items. It's going to be hot! I am not looking forward to sweating all day but I am looking forward to going. I love to look around too. I want to get something for my neighbor so I will be searching for a handmade craft for her house. She is so sweet she got Joy the cutest Easter dress with stockings, shoes, and a headband. Need to get back to packing up this stuff.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome Baby Joy Elle

We welcomed our new baby into our family on January 20, 2012. She is so precious. She is such a wonderful, healthy, happy baby. She was born on my sister & my sister in law's birthday. They were both happy to share their birthday. I told you a lot has changed. This photo was taken from my phone at 3 months, she is now 4 months. They get big so fast! I already see newborns & think gosh she use to be that little. I really want to cherish each stage since she is definitely my last child. It's great to have 2 older daughters. My girls love her and they help out so much. They are awesome sisters. I will share more photos and stories.
PS...I downloaded blogger for my iPhone to post this! Yeah!

Trying to start posting much has changed

It's really been a long time. Almost 2 years to be exact. I swear my iPhone had a lot to do with it. It is so easy to check emails and other stuff from your computer phone. I need to figure out a way to post a photo from my phone than I will really be able to keep up to date. I don't like doing the blog posts without a photo. Plus my kids really love to see the online scrapbook of all our adventures. So I am posting from my iPad and after I will search the Internet for ways to blog on the go. I don't even have a Facebook. I am thinking of getting an account for Joyfully Crafted. I don't personally need one although my friends forget sometimes and don't tell me stuff. They think I read it on FB. I look forward to posting regularly and letting you know about all the new things for Joyfully Crafted and ME!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gosh it has been so long, but still making jewelry!

This is great for Mother's day for that special grandmom with lots of grandkids. I just made one the other day with 8 grandchildren. The charms are 1/2 inch thick sterling rounds so it is not too big for the wrist just perfect. The grandkids can been seen very easily which is great for that grandmom who loves to think and talk about her special grandbabies. Check out my website for a customized bracelet.
I am also working on a few new designs that I will be listing for ready to sell items for Mother's day.

I look forward to posting more. I have been busy with so much but who isn't. God was doing great things in my marriage. Some of it was hard but oh so worth it. God has so many blessings for us to have if we just do things the right way and not our sinful way.

Cheerleading is over for now. The kids are doing well. We are looking forward to having my two nieces for a week while their parents go to Las Vegas. After that week we will have my mom's dog for a week. And after that I will need a vacation. LOL! We are all missing Disney already except maybe my husband, but he does love it is just ready to go somewhere different.

So bye for now hopefully I will be back in a few days with some new photos.